Prague is a city full of sights and beautiful places that can be explored for days, months or even a lifetime. The city has its special charm no matter the time of year you choose to visit it. The usual tourist, normally, does not have access to a period longer than a few days to discover all the valences of this wonderful city. Therefore, the list of sights below may be useful for those who choose to spend a few days of holiday in Prague.


Vienna is big city with many touristic attractions. Vienna is Austria's capital and the largest city of Austria. Vienna is the main city in Austria, with a population of about 1.7 million, more than 25% of the Austrian population, and it is by far the largest city in Austria.

It is the 10th city in number of inhabitants in the European Union. Vienna hosts many major international organizations such as United Nations and OPEC.


Budapest is a city that abounds with beautiful sights and places that make the capital of Hungary an ideal holiday destination. Because Budapest offers a variety of tourist and historical attractions, the city can be considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world.