The lake that changes colour

The Blue Lake, located at the foot of Gutai Mountains, is unique in Europe because of the way it was formed and because of its property to change colour depending on the season.

In spring, the lake is blue and dark blue, in the summer it is green and sometimes ithas dark emerald reflexes, while in autumn is it dark green and sometimes brown. There is still no scientific explanation for these changes. The area was declared a protected area by Law Nr. 5 of 6 March 2000 and it occupies an area of 0.50 hectares. The Blue Lake in fact means a stretch of water of elliptical form, with a water depth of up to 4 meters, writes

To reach the lake, one should start from the centre of Baia Sprie, in front of the Catholic church, on the street leading northwards to the edge of the forest and then climbed up a path to walk to the lake. The walking time is: 35 - 45 min.