The Merry Cemetery

Săpânţa is a township in Maramures which hosts one of the most unique monuments from the national cultural heritage: the Merry Cemetery.

The cemetery of the village has been transformed into a "cheerful" one by the craftsman Ioan Patras, who, in mid-1935 had a farcial idea: to write one funny poem about each villager of his, which was lying at the "end of the village" on a cross painted in bright colours.

The Danube Delta

The Danube is the only river in Europe that flows from West to East. It rises in Germany, crosses four capitals and forms at its inflowing in the Black Sea the only delta in the world declared a biosphere reservation. Delta is the most compact surface covered with reed in the world, hiding more than 320 species of birds and water strands of hosting over 45 varieties of fish.

Gheţarul Scărişoara

Peştera Scărişoara găzduieşte cel mai mare gheţar subteran din România, unic în Europa din pricina volumului de gheaţă, adică peste 75.000 ml, care zace în acest loc de mai bine de 4000 de ani.