Horezu Monastery is the largest of Wallachia and among the few in Europe of this scale built between 1690 and 1693. You can find it in the village of Romanii de Jos, bordered by Capatanii mountains and Negreuleştilor, Costeştilor and Tomşanilor hills. The monastery has been transformed into a refuge for nuns, and it is visited by over 60,000 tourists annually.


Rasnov Citadel is 15 km from Brasov city and it was built between the years 1211-1225, under the rule of the Teutonic Knights in Barsa. Even if there is no document attesting this, archaeological materials speak for themselves. Boxes for over 400 years, buckles, rings, arrowheads, pieces of ceramic stoves, mugs imprinted with the year1600 or silver coins from 1500 are just some of the objects that were found in lands under the fortress.

Saint Ana Lake

In the heart of the Carpathians, in the middle of a pine forest, shines in all respects the only volcanic lake in Europe: Saint Anne.

The ionized air feels very strong, even if the volcano has not erupted for more than a million years. Lake St. Anne has an area of approximately 20 hectares and an average depth of 7 meters. Water does not contain oxygen, therefore no living thing lives inside, it is very clean, almost approaching the purity of the distilled water and together with the air i has curative properties.